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Anywise invests in people and products to make work more meaningful. Our projects benefit our people, our clients, the community and the planet.

Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and help us to form high performing teams to deliver solutions to some of our clients most complex challenges. 

We collaborate openly and transparently with our partners and promote a high performing environment for all of our projects. This commitment means we create an inclusive and trusted environment with people who strive for continuous improvement in their work.

Anywise is a Melbourne-based consulting firm, highly experienced in both public and private sectors, but if you’re after corporate jargon and suits, then we aren’t the company for you. We believe in a no-bullshit approach, with exceptional people delivering the best results and our agile business model means we can quickly adapt when situations change.   

Although we work across a wide range of projects in a variety of markets, we do not aim to be everything to everyone. We are willing to step away from projects that don’t align with our core values. We’re future-driven, so we not only care about the here-and-now but also our impact on future generations. 

We’ve always felt a need to give back to the community, which is why we give money to causes that our employees are passionate about.

building sustainable, trusted relationships

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Our services

While Anywise is a small business, we have a team of skilled professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. We excel in the provision of high performing multidisciplinary teams.

Anywise consultants work with our clients throughout all stages of the project, during both the win and delivery phases of business.

We provide high quality consulting support across all functions of complex project delivery, and integrate a range of continuous improvement, supply chain and networking tools into all of our collaborations.

Anywise team members are an asset to any project

As T-shaped people, our staff not only have a deep technical knowledge in their specialisation but a deep commitment to teamwork and the pursuit of success. Individual and collective professional standards are mapped to peak industry associations such as (AICD, EA and AIPM) to ensure ongoing professional development and the maintenance of the most current professional standards and practices, ensuring our teams remain current, qualified and relevant.


Our teams are empowered and responsive to solve challenges in place, without the need to constantly go back to HQ for approval. Our clients demand a high level of responsiveness and low levels of drag throughout the supply chain. Anywise staff are empowered and personally motivated to provide momentum to our client's projects.

Collaborative Support is in our DNA

Our commercial structures, tiered engagement strategies, rapid issue resolution models and data analytics and reporting all ensure our teams have collaboration in their DNA.

Flexible delivery models are standard

Anywise understands that our client's priorities may change. Our contract terms, change management processes, integrated project reporting and resourcing options provide greater flexibility to our clients.

Integrated Collaboration Tools and Business Apps

  • Project reporting

  • Data analytics

  • Video conferencing

  • Multi-author document production tools

These can all be accessed and used by our clients for full transparency.

Complex project mobilisation

Team mobilisation is perhaps the most critical phase of any complex project.

Anywise takes the time to invest in the right people, processes and tools to set projects up for success.


Selecting and resourcing the right core team goes a long way to ensuring the right culture is set early for challenging projects. Anywise prides itself on excellent team mobilisation as this ensures that everyone understands what is needed for the project to be successful, what additional risks and opportunities should be managed and most importantly, why the project is being delivered. There are a thousand reasons why projects fail, many of them can be mitigated by conducting a well planned and resourced project mobilisation.


Are you ready to mobilise one of our teams for your project?


Agile project design and delivery

The future of work is Agile. We have seen our project design and delivery evolve to suit modern projects. Agile project delivery is core to Anywise’s success.

Our staff are all Scrum Masters and implement agile project methods in everything they do.

Agile is more than business jargon and it’s not just the latest fad to avoid internal reports. It is a disciplined process which can deliver more tailored, better-aligned outcomes in smaller iterations that aren’t possible with the traditional waterfall approach. Our trained staff create the right project culture to deliver high quality project results.

Anywise delivers our projects with unrivalled transparency, flexibility and velocity. We do this by ensuring our staff pursue excellence in their work, adapting processes and tools to suit the requirements of the project and maintaining self and project discipline with momentum.

Not just a bum on a seat, our consultants are all experts in their chosen fields and are selected for their commitment to teamwork and their hunger for successful project delivery.

Our clients value our staff because we always choose the right person for the job, whether it’s a single person or a small team. Another reason clients value us is because our staff provide unfettered, unbiased, professional, qualified advice. We’re not about suits and making people feel small, like other multinational companies because we pride ourselves on being down-to-earth and delivering real results. Our staff are respectful of the challenges faced by our clients and are courageous to speak up so that the project can be as successful as possible.

Our consulting services team come from a variety of professional fields and are able to provide support on location or remotely to suit the demands of the project. Our team has considerable experience in:

  • Design and delivery of business development

  • Strategic management

  • Project management

  • Auditing

  • Reviews and remediation services for Federal Government, Commercial and NFP clients.


The future of work is here and Anywise can help you deliver it.

The fact is that all businesses are going digital and need to do so quickly in order to keep up. Anywise provides a range of tools to help overcome the challenges of doing business in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.

Leverage your existing data

The future of work is here and Anywise is working with clients to help leverage their business’ data so they can work more efficiently across all areas of their company. To support digitisation projects, Anywise provides real people in location to:

  • Assist

  • Scope

  • Plan

  • Rollout

  • Support data-led solutions to business problems

Only build or buy what you need to be successful

We support software products that can be easily scaled for volume. As our clients’ use-case grows, they simply scale the technology stack and pricing accordingly.


Share the risk

Anywise understands that there is a challenge to balance risk and reward, so we offer a range of pricing models that lessen the risk of adopting new technology solutions.


Discrete or integrated software

Anywise supports software products that are able to be used discretely or integrated into other products, meaning you don’t have to get rid of your current systems.


Good ideas are not the sole responsibility of the CEO. Promoting and accepting a little chaos is the secret to unlocking innovation.

Anywise can work with you to manage, foster or generate greater company innovation outcomes.

Many organisations talk about innovation, yet few are able to crack the code of productive and sustainable innovation. This is often the result of enthusiastic leaders inadvertently stifling innovation. Enthusiasm and inspiration are absolutely essential to promote and maintain innovation in any organisation. But if implemented poorly, innovation strategies can have unintended consequences as the staff all tend to look to the leadership for the next big idea or stumble in an overly structured process of forced creativity.

Anywise works with your product development team to implement a lightweight system to foster universal motivation. This process is either standalone or is tailored to complement your existing systems to enhance visibility and velocity of idea generation and decision making.


Are you too close to the problem & struggling to see the full scope? Anywise can help implement a staff-led process to aid in design and decision making.

We call it Solutioneering. We work with you to train, manage or facilitate your complex decision-making process, improving outcomes, reducing risk and generating momentum.

Anywise provides an experienced multidisciplinary team to help organisations small and large to not only accurately scope and describe their problem but to help generate solutions to solve them. This support is tailored and scaled to suit each unique situation.

The process is not painless but it is iterative, transparent and easy to understand. Anywise facilitators help maintain discipline and momentum so we help you:

  • Define your business problem

  • Develop possible solutions

  • Analyse each option

  • Create a plan

  • Evaluate success

Who we work with

Our partners are ethical, driven and committed to positive outcomes for the projects they are delivering.


Our government clients are typically high profile Departments, Agencies or Branches that are delivering mission-critical projects. We work with all levels of government across a range of departments:


  • Industry - Digital solutions, Collaboration and Innovation outcomes

  • DFAT - Working with partners to deliver support to regional projects such as the MV Solomon Trader salvage

Defence & Defence Industry

Our company is 100% Veteran owned. Many of our staff have served in Australias and or her allied military forces and have a strong commitment to service. We work in support of high profile projects:

  • Capability Design

  • Development

  • Acquisition

  • Sustainment

We are all trained on the International Trafficking of Arms Regulations - ITAR. We do not and will not broker arms, nor develop, design or manufacture weapon systems

Humanitarian Sector

Our staff have worked on some of the most challenging humanitarian problems. From military settings to climate caused devastation, our staff have experience in the design and provision of disaster relief and humanitarian missions around the world.


  • Security training, assessments and audits

  • Readiness and preparedness assessments and training

  • Deployment preparation and support

  • Humanitarian secondments

  • We are an approved supplier to the United Nations and a member of the UN Global Marketplace


Case studies

  • Tactical Access Equipment
    Tactical Access Equipment

    Our client, Army Headquarters and Special Operations Command was seeking assistance from Anywise in support of its efforts to Assess and Plan the Centralisation of SOCOMD Tactical Access Equipment (TAE)

  • Industry and Vendor Research and Engagement
    Industry and Vendor Research and Engagement

    Anywise was engaged to plan and facilitate comprehensive ‘informal’ industry engagements at Land Forces and Avalon Airshow in support of the development of business cases for GSSPO, Land Manoeuvre Systems Branch.

  • Land 8140 – Deployable Force Infrastructure
    Land 8140 – Deployable Force Infrastructure

    Our client, Army Headquarters, was seeking assistance to navigate a large complex acquisition project through Government approvals.

  • Industry Cluster Map and Visualisation
    Industry Cluster Map and Visualisation

    Our client was a prominent defence industry association that managed a network of members. It had historically promoted its membership capabilities online through a static webpage and was seeking to improve it data capture, analysis and visualisation

Our clients

Our amazing clients are successful and market leading companies in a range of industries where we have been able to provide high performing teams and collaboration to help them achieve success.

"Anywise is one of the most capable, nimble and innovative consultancies we have worked with. Their performance is underpinned by collaboration, continuous improvement and a high performance culture."

Tim Griggs - Jacobs Australia l Director Major Service Provider
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