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Learning Management Package Remediation and Uplift

Case Study

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Our client, RAAF Headquarters and Security and Fire School, were seeking assistance to navigate a complex change to employment categories for their Security Forces. Anywise was regarded was chosen as it was considered to have key insights into the strategic drivers and impacts of these changes, detailed understanding of the ADF’s preferred learning/training methods and development tools (SADL) and an established history of using agile project management to share risk and build flexible teams to ensure the right people and tools were available at the right time to ensure project success.



- Government & Defence



- Learning Management Package Development and Support, Online Interactive Learning Development and Management, Agile Project Delivery



-Tailored Learning Packages



-24 months


Anywise stood up a cross functiuonal team of; Project managers, Learning and Development Specialsits, Simulation AR/VR Specialists, Change managers and business analysts to deliver all SADL deliverables, update and modernise existing training materials and proivide a detailed opportunities and gaps analysis to infrom future RAAF activities to ensure all training and support was covered to enable successful change of employment catergories and stakeholder management to foster uptake and acceptance by the current serving members along with in coming trainees.


Complete modernisation of training courses enhancing the delivery of training at RAAF SFS. Reduction in costs and enhanced outcomes for trainees

Anywise has supported the RAAF Security and Fire School for over 2 years in the transformation and modernisation of our learning packages. Anywise's expertise in SADL and the flexible and collaborative approach to the production of training packages has enabled the School to deliver best practice training and learning for trainees. Of particular note was their ability to translate complex, powerpoint based learning activities into engaging online content enhancing trainee engagement and saving instructor time (enabling reduction in training costs). Anywise is one of the most collaborative, nimble, and innovative companies we have worked with. Anywise approaches all client engagements from a start point of collaboration, continuous improvement and a high performance culture and this has directly enabled the School to continue to deliver capability.

Chief Instructor, RAAFSFS

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