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We are any.thing but a regular consulting firm

Anywise is a boutique consulting firm based in Melbourne that does things a little differently to the average multinational.

We have successfully:

  • Created an ethical and sustainable business model

  • Delivered real value to clients, the community and the planet

  • Become a Certified B-Corporation

  • Continued to donate profits to philanthropic pursuits

  • Maintained  the best practice flexible and remote arrangements

  • Become Flex Able certified for all staff and suppliers


Following successful military careers, Adam Evans and Meaghan Barry launched Anywise in 2014. Barry has been involved in many large-scale Australian humanitarian responses, both domestically and overseas. Evans has held executive positions in large corporations working on projects for the Australian Defence Industry.


Evans was dissatisfied with how multinational companies operated so he decided to start a small consulting firm that could be as professional, innovative and more agile than large global corporations. The name ‘Anywise’ reflects the way we deal with our clients - we deploy all available resources and the expertise of our team to deliver the best results to our clients. Once we commit to the success of a project, we are all in. This level of commitment doesn’t always mean the path is easy, it can produce some robust discussion and negotiation, but it does provide the very best results.


In 2018, Anywise became a Certified B-Corporation. We believe that at our core, we can be a force for good. Anywise invests in its people, so we support causes that align with the passion of our employees.


we deliver projects with purpose

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Our values

At the core of our company, we have family values. We provide our staff with meaningful work on behalf of clients who value it.

Anywise has specifically targeted challenging projects that deliver rewarding work, regardless of the scale or the length of the project.


Integrity is at the heart of our company values. When a person has the courage to stay true to themselves, they are more likely to be happy and respected by their employer and their clients.


Agility is essential not only for how we deliver projects but also in the way that we make decisions. 


Our success comes from empowerment. Empowering team members, encouraging decision making and managing risk are core to our management approach.


Respect at Anywise isn’t just about respecting other people and fairly treating them but having respect for yourself.


Diversity takes many forms at Anywise. Diversity in gender and ethnography is essential, but so is diversity of thought and opinion.

Our People

We encourage our staff to bring all of their personality, experience and knowledge to projects and not be afraid to suggest innovative ideas.

All our project managers are certified Scrum Masters, many of whom have previously worked for other multinational companies and have years of experience.


Why do Anywise staff achieve success?

We’re a very team-oriented company, so we look for people who can communicate effectively and embrace teamwork.


There are two main things that we look for in a new team member:

- A person who is an expert or pursues excellence in their chosen endeavour

-  A person with absolute commitment to teamwork


We look for t-shaped people because a high performing team will always outdo a single individual in this day and age.


We are t-shaped people?

Imagine the capital letter ‘T’ and now imagine a person standing in the shape of a ‘T’. The ‘I’ part represents that person’s deep technical expertise in a field, and the arms outstretched represent their ability to help others in their team, but more importantly are willing to improve their weaker skills.


A t-shaped person is someone who not only works hard for themselves but for the team, and aims for continuous improvement to build a stronger team.

Your Anywise team


Our culture

We are ethical, transparent and genuinely committed to our team’s wellbeing. 

Anywise is a company that has always encouraged staff to bring their whole personality and any ideas that they have to work. By fostering this friendly, team environment, we’ve been able to attract and retain very high quality, collaborative and agile staff.

We’re not just offering people a consulting job, but a tailored employment model with a suite of benefits to look after each individual.

Over time this has become part of the company’s DNA, so even our contracts reflect our commitment to looking after people.

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