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Supporting Masaka Cycling Club

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Anywise has been quietly supporting a revolution in cycling.

Masaka Cycling Club is an amateur cycling team based in Masaka, Southern Uganda. The club composition is made up of elite, developing and entry-level cyclists.

The club is part of the Team Amani initiative which also comprises sister clubs in both Kenya and Rwanda. This initiative is designed to showcase cycling talent within the East African nations and prepare riders for opportunities amongst professional cycling teams.

Supporters of the club come from all parts of the globe and our Managing Director has a personal connection. For many years he has been inspired by the philanthropic efforts of a fellow Victorian and was recently moved to contribute to this incredible story.

As well as making contributions to the fundraising of the new club HQ, Adam has used it as motivation to once again get the tired legs turning over in this great looking new kit. To find out more, please check out the club story at this webpage.

Why Masaka?

Southern Uganda is one of the poorest regions on earth and is home to the first known case of HIV, a disease that destroyed generations. It boasts some extraordinary cycling talent, yet they have no equipment to showcase their abilities, and are suppressed by poverty and corruption. The project has been created to enable cycling fans and humanitarians from all over the world to support cyclists in this region. In doing so you have the ability to free them from the barrier of poverty and help them chase their cycling dreams.

100% Cycling Fans - Every single cent generated through this initiative goes directly to the Masaka Cycling Club to support the below program. 0% is used for administration or other costs beforehand.

Why? – This project was created for Cycling Fans around the world to engage and mobilise some of the best male and female cyclists in Southern Uganda.

What? – This project is designed to be sustainable by way of many small recurring monthly donations via well wishes and supporters.

Donations will support the following at the club in Uganda.

1. Full time Administrator/Team Manager, club coach and part time junior coach.

2. Purchase of land and building of a purpose built "Dream Maker Clubhouse".

3. Annual Lease of commercial bike mechanic workshop in Ssaza Masaka. .

4. Mechanical supplies to maintain club bicycles and equipment.

5. Travel, food & accommodation support for riders travelling to global events to compete.

6. Cycling Scholarships for young members who meet certain community behaviour criteria.

If you would like to get involved in making a real difference and opening the world of professional cycling to all corners of the globe, then follow their story.

Anywise matches the donations of our staff 1:1 and encourages everyone to consider the impact that donations have, the efficiency and effectiveness of the recipient and the merits of spending money to create the most good.


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