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Learn about the Anywise Internship Program

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

And who better to talk about their experience working at Anywise in the Internship Program other than our interns? Meet Lachlan Clark and Laura Le. Both Lachlan and Laura wanted to gain some real-world experience as they complete their studies in an internship that is flexible to their needs and offers genuine work experience.

Lachlan has almost finished his final year studying a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors of Computer Science. At Anywise, Lachlan is a Software Engineer working on an in-house project for Defence. Upon completing his internship, Lachlan is taking the next step in his career, and starting a new role at SAAB as a Graduate Engineer early 2022.

Laura is studying a double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts. She is a Commercial Officer at Anywise and has been able to gain real-world experience in contracts and commercial law.

How did you hear about Anywise?

Lachlan: I was doing a placement, with CASG and I was working with a colleague who was from Anywise, he reached out to me when I finished up there and told me to get in touch with Steve and here I am.

Laura: I actually heard about Anywise through my friend, Annie-Mei who actually used to work for the company. She always talked about how great the company was, in particular, how well the company looked after their staff and it was just a really great environment to work in. So that really got me interested in Anywise.

What made you interested in the Internship Program?

Lachlan: There's a lot of consulting firms out there that do a lot of work for different organisations, mostly post out people to the different places, but it was interesting to hear that Anywise was doing their own in-house development (FABHUMS).

Laura: It fits really well around my current sort of work life schedule. Finishing uni is my main priority, and, you know, I'm doing that full time, so Anywise has been really accommodating, I think, with fitting work obligations and commitments around that main obligation of mine.

How have you found the experience so far?

Lachlan: I've learned a lot from people I've been working with, you know, technical and non-technical kind of skills. It's been really good to be able to do this alongside uni, have the opportunity to transfer over some of the engineering related skills into the real world.

Laura: Everyone has been so lovely and so accommodating and willing to take me on board. Even though I don't necessarily have a lot of the requisite skills in management consulting per se.

What do you hope to gain from the end of the internship program?

Lachlan: Continue my experience in defense industry and improve my communication skills working in a diverse team.

Laura: I learn a lot of the theory behind, I guess, like contracts and commercial law, for instance. But you know, you don't really get to apply that per se. I think like one of the last tasks I had to do, which was quite big as well, was to create a, you know, standard service agreement, which, you know, I foresee it being something I'd probably have to do if I do pursue a legal based career.

In your own words, what have you enjoyed most during your time at Anywise?

Lachlan: First impression was people are put first here and it's something that is very important to the company as a whole. And that's been really good to see and it's shown,definitely in the situation that we're in at the moment

Laura: I think it's always a little bit daunting coming on as an intern, especially, you know, in a company that is so full of very experienced people, but everyone has been so lovely and so wonderful.

Want to join the Internship Program?

Click the button below or reach out and contact us if you have any questions.

Our staff are the beating heart and soul of Anywise, they keep the company running. We look forward to seeing how Laura and Lachlan's careers grow and all the future interns who walk through our doors.


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