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Anywise receives SADI grant to upskill employees to support Defence

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Anywise is pleased to announce that the Skilling Australian Defence Industry (SADI) grant that we applied for late last year has been approved.

SADI is an initiative of the Defence Industry Skilling and STEM strategy that was launched in February 2019.

The grant program aims to:

  • reduce barriers faced by SMEs in the defence industry when upskilling or retraining staff

  • develop skills within SMEs in the defence sector

  • support SMEs in the defence industry to establish human resources practices and training plans that will build lifelong learning activities into their business

Anywise has been approved for a number of courses so that we can upskill our staff to support the Defence industry.

This will include technical training, HR training and skills development.

The program is designed to increase the defence skill level and competency of Anywise staff company wide. Each course will be undertaken to enhance the human resources and technical trade skills related to Defence STEM priority areas.

The upskilling program includes training and professional development courses from a broad range of functions. These include:

  1. Project Management

  2. Systems thinking and modelling Leadership

  3. Humanitarian Logistics and Project Management

  4. Military Vehicle Technology

  5. Through life asset management and integrated logistics support

  6. Logistics

  7. Product Management

  8. Cyber Security

  9. Training and Assessment

  10. Kanban Foundation and Practitioner

  11. Change Management

The Anywise upskilling program outcomes will result in an improvement to technical trade and human resources knowledge that can be implemented into a number of Defence projects.


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