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Our New Office Opens its Doors for the First Time

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Tuesday 15th of March marked the first day, after a series of lockdowns and postponed events due to Covid, that the majority of our staff were able to attend our new office space in person. Being well overdue, it was fantastic to see familiar faces and even some new ones not displayed on a screen of some sort.

Renewing and reforging bonds amongst our team

Our new office space is a place we have the gift of making our own, each and every square-inch of it, and it hasn’t taken long for our team to feel at home again. Exchanging photos of pets, enjoying cake together, and the return of general banter that just can’t be replicated in virtual meetings. With more exciting projects in progress, our teams will be making the most of the space to meet together and collaborate new ideas.

We are sharing our Work-Home

However, not only Anywise inhabits our office. Home to 3 other companies, Make Data Useful, Adam Evans and Associates, and Data Ventures, all work out of this shared space. The future may mean opening our doors to more companies and individuals from various backgrounds and specialties to develop their unique ideas in a collaborative sanctuary.

A professional retreat from the home office that so many people have grown accustomed to. We cannot wait to see how each person will bring their own flair and energy to blend together into one space for all.

The ground floor has our workshop, a safe space to create and build. To think and tinker. This space was used frequently in the final weeks of 2021 while our FABHUMS (that is, Fleet Agnostic Bridge Health and Usage Monitoring System) project team prepared for a big demonstration to stakeholders.

Going up a level, you will find a series of hot desks for people on the move and needing a space to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and focus on the tasks at hand on their laptops. It is made for the desk-work to get done. A separate space on the balcony is ideal for stand-up meetings, or even to get fresh air while on a video call.

Bringing everyone together on the 2nd floor is the boardroom for those larger than life meetings where you want all present and comfortable. Separate hot desks are available for people who prefer their own space when the boardroom isn't in use.

Looking towards the future

For those who weren’t aware, last year was a pretty huge milestone for us both personally and professionally. Our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) was approved. You can read more about our journey to Reconciliation here. We are incredibly passionate about doing our part to help honour the country we stand on, and work towards both reconciliation and better understanding the Aboriginal people who have been here long before us. Our new office spaces will be named with the guidance of an Aboriginal Elder who can help us find words meaningful to the Wurundjeri that reflect our company. In the near future, we will be officially opening our office with an Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country. We cannot wait for you to see the space we call our work-home.


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