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Not business as usual

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Every one of our staff and suppliers (consulting) received this email last week, lending our support to their individual decisions regarding the #climatestrike this week.

Why? Because #betterbusiness means it's #notbusinessasusual

We feel that it is our responsibility to at least listen to the concerns raised by the impassioned future leaders. They may just be onto something. We encourage all of our network to takes moment and make a conscious decision about the climate and make one small change for the better.

All Staff Bulletin

If you would like to participate in the global strike next week for climate change, please feel supported. We are, after all all in this together. We will provide you the opportunity to participate as a special leave day which will not reduce your holiday entitlements. Unless of course you want to technically strike, which you are of course welcome to do. Subcontractors will be paid as a full working day should you elect to participate. Please just let us know so we can manage client expectations. Let's hope that this level of action results in an appropriate reaction.

Directors at Anywise

Proudly a Certified B-Corporation

If you would like to learn more, here is one useful link.


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