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Indoor plants: our link with nature during lockdown

Last year during Melbourne’s second lockdown, Anywise sent all of its employees an indoor plant as a gift.

Indoor plants are great because they can improve mental health, filter the air we breathe, and make our living environment more aesthetically pleasing.

For many of us cooped up in small apartments and surrounded by tall buildings, indoor plants were our only way of being closer to nature.

Each Anywise staff member received a different plant to care for, so I thought it would be fun to see how all those plants are doing now.

After reaching out to other staff members, it became apparent that not only were many of the plants still alive and well, but many had also been given names.


My indoor plant is called Pearl. Not quite sure how I picked her name, but she definitely identifies as a ‘she’. I noticed her leaves started to droop and lose lustre, even though I was following the instructions on the tag. I have since discovered that Pearl prefers living outside under our pergola next to the succulents.


My plant is still going strong. No name but it’s now home to a little jumping spider called Henry. He was being shy when the photo was taken.


My indoor plant Pepé has grown up and moved outside. I tried to talk Pepé into staying inside with Dad but he insisted that he wanted to be with his friends. Teenagers!


She’s still kicking! There’s been new stem growth and she’s looking healthy. I water and fertilise her every 2-4 weeks. No name at this stage.


I gave my Monstera Deliciosa (or Swiss Cheese Plant) a spot next to a window with plenty of sunlight, which it has really soaked up. I gave it lots of fertiliser during the hotter months and now it’s thriving! I’ve had to move it to a new spot because it’s getting so big.


Steve’s Peace Lily is still looking healthy and cared for (no flowers yet!)


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