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International Women's Day

Anywise interviewed 8 amazing women who have all excelled across various industries. We ask them how they reached success and what they wish they had known when beginning their careers.

We were honoured to meet with 8 different women who work in a variety of industries such as the Navy, Chemistry, Women's AFL, Charity, Technical Writing, Accounting, Teaching, and Chocolate Crafting.

Evelyn Vasquez: Managing Partner and Lead Technical Writer of Juno Technical Writing

Geraldine Camilleri: Non-Executive Director of Big Group Hug

Julie Savage: Director of Cognesis

Katherine Post: CEO of Rapid Context

Liz Quinn: Naval Officer and Culture & Leadership Coach of WAFL

Nicky Smith: Founder of Really Good Chocolate

Vanessa Hoy: Managing Director & Principal Consultant of ScriboScience

Vita Lo Presti: Partner and Virtual CFO and Tax Accountant of Bramble and Briar


Julie Savage - Be bold

Geraldine Camilleri - You're going to have a multitude of careers

Liz Quinn - Take every opportunity that you can to learn outside of the space you are in

Nicky Smith - You have to be kind to yourself

Vanessa Hoy - If you know you are right, you are right. And you should really stick up for that

Katherine Post - Embrace the opportunities

Vita Lo Presti - Build a really good network around you of like-minded women

Evelyn Vasquez - As you get more experience it really does pay off to trust your instincts

Geraldine Camilleri - Can you define what truly, truly motivates you

Katherine Post - Enjoy the ride, it'll be a bumpy one at times

Vita Lo Presti - Don't let anybody walk all over you because they will

Vanessa Hoy - If you see an opportunity advertised or you hear about an opportunity and you think "that sounds great but I don't think I have all the skills that I really need to do that" you know, apply anyway

Liz Quinn - Give everything a shot

Evelyn Vasquez - Stick to your values and beliefs and work with likeminded companies

Julie Savage - No one goes to their deathbed wishing they had worked more. So you have to find ways to leverage what you're good at

Vanessa Hoy - Take every opportunity. Talk to as many different people from as many different backgrounds

Julie Savage - Build good relationships

Katherine Post - Don't be scared of being bold to make things better for both yourself but also those you work with

Nicky Smith - Women supporting other women and girls supporting other girls is super important

We wish you the best of luck on your B Corp journey. Together we can make the world that much better.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more about the work we do and how we can help you with your projects.


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