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Donate Responsibly in times of crisis

Australians are pretty generous in times of crisis.

Unfortunately, when people donate items that they believe people in those disaster-struck regions will need, they can actually end up in landfill.

That’s because of the money it costs to store items and the pressure that is put on an already stretched humanitarian supply chain system.

The World Food Programme has started a new campaign called Donate Responsibly, which aims to show Australian and New Zealanders what happens to items that they donate after a disaster.

Cash donations can go a lot further and meet the immediate needs of people who have been impacted.

Check out the Donate Responsibly website and go on a virtual journey to find out how much more you can help when you donate cash.

One of Anywise’s founders, Meaghan Barry has been working as a Logistics Cluster Coordinator with the UN World Food Programme since January this year and we’d like to show our ongoing support for Meaghan and the work that the programme does for people in need.



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