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Using data to aid agility in a time of crisis

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

A number of our leadership team recently attended a product launch by Data Ventures Pty Ltd. It was very interesting to be able to see the Austender data in a sensible, responsive format. It is already proving to be a useful tool as Anywise navigates the impacts of COVID-19.

We are one of the companies affected by the recent shift toward a Major Service Provider delivery model in Land Systems Division.

What was obvious is that using data, right now, as industry adapts to the economic impacts of COVID-19 may enable better decision making. The best-laid plans of 6 months ago may be different given the cold light of day and businesses, and Govt Departments have had to reconsider those plans - or at least should have.

We thought we would use the data to determine which other companies might be impacted, which companies are still winning big on DSS panel instead of, as well as, in spite of the MSP arrangements and see if spending habits across Defence and other departments could be used to determine alternate paths to revenue.

The data makes it immediately obvious that there are a number of companies impacted by the recent announcements. Even if we exclude those companies that form part of MSP consortia from the data (Assuming the staff of those companies will easily find a seat on the MSP team after 1 July) it is clear that we are not the only SME navigating the change in the landscape.

Conveniently, it looks like someone has already asked a similar question of Dataventures and produced a really interesting graphic. This chart is clearly just a snapshot in time, but indicative of the scale of the potential impact that this decision may have.

Hopefully, the uncertainty surrounding the existing contracts can be resolved quickly, there are a number of Victorian jobs that could be impacted. We would like to encourage greater transparency and engagement with all stakeholders, access to meaningful data is certainly assisting.

The full chart is available once signed up here

Chart provided by under a creative commons licence found at

We have been working with the team at Dataventures to secure the use of this tool for SME affected by the impacts of COVID-19. So that if there is a need to pivot, they may be able to do so in an informed and deliberate manner. Reach out if this applies to you.


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