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Work remote, play remote

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The kids at Anywise have started their own weekly video conference call. It’s been a great opportunity for them to meet each other and find out what they’ve all been doing for fun while stuck at home during the pandemic.

The calls started out a little chaotic to say the least with the majority of the kids being under the age of 5!

CJ who works for Anywise, brought her pet lizards along to show the kids, much to their delight.

At the end of the first call, the kids were set a task to build an amazing Lego creation to show off on the next call.

The kids have also partaken in a Disney trivia with Harper taking after her father as trivia master!

The next call will involve running an Australian animal ‘Who Am I?’ quiz.

The adults have noticed the kids are getting better at talking during video calls and knowing when to speak to the group.

The kids will be pros by the time they join the workforce.


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