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Anywise sets aside $10,000 towards bushfire disaster relief

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Months of severe drought and record-breaking temperatures saw a series of massive bushfires across Australia this last summer.

The devastation seen across the country saw many Australian towns destroyed, thousands of people left stranded and millions of animals dead, whilst air quality in our major cities were at all time lows. The bushfires created carnage.

We thank our emergency responders, the NSW RFS, Victoria’s CFA, ADF, and countless other organisations and individual volunteers who worked tirelessly, putting themselves at risk to help fight the fire and maintain the safety of the community.

To help and assist with recovery efforts, Anywise decided early to allocate $10,000 towards bushfire disaster relief.

All donations made by employees were matched by Anywise to various charities including the Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul.

Some Anywise employees and their families packaged up kids clothing, blankets and other items which were sent out to Gippsland to those in need.

Anywise Managing Director Adam Evans said:

“As a Certified B-Corporation, Anywise constantly strives to balance purpose and profit. We invest in our team, our communities and the planet. These fires have destroyed homes and large tracts of land for decades to come. Anywise respects science and honours the scientific community that continues to advocate on the side of responsible management of our human environmental impact. Climate change is real and is already having a significant impact. Regardless of the debate on the cause, it is time for us as business leaders to act. It makes good business sense and it is the right thing to do.”


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