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Bloody Long Walk for Mito

Anywise loves supporting a good cause, which is why when we heard of the Bloody Long Walk, our staff were quick to assemble a team and take on the 35km trek on May 2nd in Melbourne. The name is most appropriate, but the cause makes any blisters gained more than worthwhile.

Mitochondrial disease - commonly referred to as mito - is a debilitating genetic disorder, those affected have their body’s cells depleted of energy. This can lead to multiple organ dysfunction, organ failure, and even death. In Australia, more than 120,000 people carry genetic mutations that put them at risk of developing mito or other diseases such as diabetes, deafness or seizures. The Mito Foundation is a great source of information if you want to learn more.

Companies and individuals alike can enter the Bloody Long Walk and raise money for research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and work towards finding a cure. The Anywise team included our General Manager Steve Kouloumendas, Eric Dempster-Hoad, and Jodie Barker. Jodie’s sister, Colleen, was kind enough to step in (pun intended) when our 4th Anywise team member was sadly unwell when the big day came. Completing the route in record time, just over 6 hours, our team was able to raise a total of $1,800.

The Bloody Long Walk is happening in cities nationwide this year, so head to the website to find out where the closest one is to you. Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is next on the 23rd of May.

Registration is available to individuals or you can form a team and join. Not only is it a great cause, but it’s also a fun way to get fit and bond with colleagues or friends.

Anywise Team completing the Bloody Long Walk

There are other ways you can help if trekking isn’t your speed. If you’d like to know more about mito or how you can get involved in fundraising, check out the Mito Foundation website here.

Another cause that Anywise is excited about.

The Push-Up Challenge (June 1 - June 25) has our team eager to rest their feet after the Bloody Long Walk and put their upper bodies to work instead. 3,318 push-ups over 25 days is not an easy challenge, all money raised will be donated to headspace - National Youth Mental Health Foundation to increase awareness about mental health.

To make it more difficult, our team will be starting the challenge while attending the Brisbane Land Forces expo. Anywise will have a stall set up (Stall 4G17), be sure to say hi if you see one of our team there. Meetings can be arranged prior to the event by emailing


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