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Congratulations Binod for on becoming a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) with EA

A few months ago, we mentioned that Anywise engineer Binod Aryal was completing his CPEng (Chartered Professional Engineers) qualification with Engineers Australia.

We’d like to congratulate Binod on successfully completing his CPEng and wish him ongoing success as an engineer.

Anywise has an ongoing commitment to supporting staff and providing them with qualifications that will not only further their career but give them opportunities to learn new and useful skills.

We want our staff to feel valued by providing opportunities to showcase their talents via professional development programs.

Chartered Professional Engineers gain a competitive edge amongst their peers and it’s a globally recognised qualification. You can find out more about the benefits of being a process by checking out the Engineers Australia website.

Binod said he thoroughly enjoyed the program and that there were many opportunities to improve professional engineering skills that are useful not only to him but working in a team.


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