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Anywise aligns with Engineers Australia

Anywise has partnered with Australia’s principal engineering association, Engineers Australia to provide our engineering team with professional development to recognise and further their skills. Engineers Australia offers Chartered Engineering programs including the CPEng certification as a means to independently certify engineers that have worked in the industry and have over five years professional experience.

What is the CPEng program?

The CPEng is a government-backed mark of quality indicating the engineer has proven their competence to practice as a professional engineer in Australia. A CPEng is regularly engaged in ongoing professional development both locally and overseas to build a more sustainable future.

CPEngs gain a competitive edge as they gain a broader range of skill sets. Being a Chartered Professional Engineer is often required now from clients and upcoming legislation will mean an engineering certification will be required from a peak body, such as Engineers Australia. CPEngs are recognised globally and it opens many doors for engineers to further develop their skills.

Why is professional development important for engineers?

Professional development is important to help engineers who are looking to improve through advanced qualifications and educational opportunities. Engineers are expected to keep up with the changing landscape as new technologies emerge and new processes are used to innovate and impact society in positive ways.

Continuous professional development is not only beneficial to recent graduates but senior engineers to expand their knowledge. It is important for engineers to keep up to date with new regulations, standards and best practices that are constantly changing as new software and tools enter the market. Without making an effort to stay informed about the engineering industry, it makes it easy for even an experienced engineer to lose touch with their profession.

Why Anywise supports professional development for our engineering team

Anywise has a professional team of engineers who provide services around the country and we are highly engaged in improving engineering services in the defence industry, as well as other Australian government departments. To support the professional development of our engineers, we are encouraging our staff to work towards becoming CPEng qualified with Engineers Australia. This will help our staff and our company to work across multiple projects across different engineering industry platforms.

Other advantages we see for professional development include:

  • Encouraging teamwork, as employees with the same qualifications are able to take over from one another when required

  • Making our employees feel valued by giving them the opportunity to further their professional skills

  • Creating a work environment where employees can share their skills and knowledge from continuous professional development

  • Encourage innovation as employees will be armed with knowledge about cutting edge industry developments and inspire new ideas

  • Address areas of improvement in employees to ensure teams have similar skills and knowledge

  • Strengthen Anywise’s position as a leader and competitor within the engineering industry

  • Collaborate with Engineers Australia to strengthen ties in the engineering sector

What is the Chartered Professional Engineers process like?

One of our engineers, Binod Aryal is currently applying for the Engineers Australia CPEng program. From his experience he has learned that:

  1. The application process involves a rigorous and thorough background check to verify a person’s engineering and non-engineering skills

  2. There are opportunities to improve professional skills via continuous professional development programs

  3. They record and showcase all your engineering accomplishments of your career so far

  4. The process acknowledges the contribution of an individual, share experiences with peers and encourages any professional to continue to thrive and upskill

We wish Binod the best of luck on becoming CPEng qualified.


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