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Anywise is Australian owned and certified

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Introduced in 2020 the Australian Owned green and gold logo signifies that companies are Australian owned.

Administered by Australian Owned Pty Ltd the logo featuring the Southern Cross is accompanied by the phrase “Australian Owned” and has a unique company identifying number and star rating system.

Australian Owned was established to help give the consumer the ability to easily identify, shop and spend with Australian Owned companies, services and products.

Many once proud Australian companies have been sold off and their profits go overseas. The Australian Owned certification gives companies a distinct market advantage over foreign-owned companies.

The in-house Legal & Compliance Department audits every application to guarantee Australian ownership and company integrity.

Look for logos like this in your supply chain. All things being equal, maybe consider keeping the profits in Australia. Each certified Australian Owned business gets its own number, ours is 01276.


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