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Anywise to develop Military Bridge Systems safety and usage technology

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Today the Australian Minister for Defence Industry announced that Anywise has been awarded a contract to deliver safety and maintenance monitoring systems for Military Bridges.

Melbourne, Vic - Anywise is developing a fleet agnostic HUMS that is modular, scalable and able to be used for all bridge types and configurations. This system will provide meaningful and reliable data on structural integrity, fleet availability, use and overall system health, as well as reducing life cycle costs.

“This technology would not only provide Defence with peace-of-mind in terms of the safety of personnel using these bridges, but it also holds significant export potential for the company,” Minister Price said.

Military bridge users implicitly rely on the structural integrity, configuration and reliability of the bridge system. Over time, elements of these modular systems wear and age at varying rates. Ensuring the safety of users and closely managing the remaining usable life of a bridge system is a challenging proposition and is essential throughout the life of the capability.

"We are proud to be developing this technology for Defence. The Anywise team brings with it deep experience in Defence and Industry and integrates technology, design and a highly collaborative process to solve our clients most challenging problems. We are very excited to continue to build on our close relationship with Defence to deliver this important capability." Adam Evans Managing Director

The Improved Ribbon Bridge above is one of the in service systems that the Anywise HUMS would support.

Creator:LT Hugh McKeown

Copyright:© Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

Anywise has commenced a detailed design phase of this project and welcomes the opportunity to work with other Australian companies that have technology available or emerging for this project. Anywise has a proud history supporting these capabilities and sees this project an important capability enabler for the future.

Anywise consulting formed in 2014 to address a growing need in the market. Clients were seeking something more than body shop support. Anywise integrates people processes and tools, forms high performing teams and helps our clients deliver their most challenging projects.

Anywise is one of the thousands of SME active in Defence industry, a vibrant and dynamic community that when given the opportunity is able to quickly generate and aggregate solutions to the most complex challenges.

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