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Anywise Talent Community Launches at Avalon Airshow

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Avalon, Vic - Anywise Consulting continues to demonstrate the power of SME collaboration by today announcing further integration of the Veteran-owned BenchOn platform to launch the Anywise SME Talent Community.

Anywise Consulting, a recognised provider of high performing project teams, has been assisting clients to transition to digital platforms to improve efficiency and responsiveness. This latest initiative is once again strengthening the foundations for growth and improvement within the SME community.

The SME community of Defence Suppliers are heavily influenced by the peaks and troughs of project-based work. This can have devastating effects when projects are delayed, cancelled or market forces become unfavourable. With numerous vendor rationalisation efforts underway, Micro and SME businesses can face considerable challenges to find new opportunities and retain quality staff while trying to survive during the lulls. As regularly reported by Defence, it is to the benefit of the entire industry to sustain a robust SME base.

At the 2019 Avalon Airshow, Anywise announced the launch of the Anywise Talent Community, which is powered by the BenchOn National platform, to enhance Defence’s access to the highly skilled and niche talent resident in Australian SMEs. The Talent Community will be resident to hundreds of specialist Defence SMEs and will automatically match industry’s project support requirements to the SMEs that have the available people with the right qualifications and experience to complete the work.

BenchOn’s CEO, Tim Walmsley, said “This Talent Community will be key to strengthening the Defence SME base. It not only supports enterprise by reducing sourcing time from one month to one day, and reporting to meet SME engagement targets, but also provides SMEs with passive business development to allow them to survive and thrive in-between major projects.”

Anywise’s launch of the BenchOn community product is a Defence first. Anywise MD, Adam

Evans said “This Talent Community, combined with other existing solutions in the Anywise

Partner Eco-System, is now integrated into the DNA of our operations. We now provide end-to- end support to integrated projects with a focus on collaboration and cross-industry access.”

This initiative provides considerable competitive advantage when compared with traditional

resourcing processes. What makes it unique is the software matches project resource

requirements to the individual skills, qualifications, experience and availability of businesses

employees to expedite supplier resourcing for large projects. At the same time protecting each company’s proprietary information and preventing conflicts of interest.

To celebrate the launch, Anywise is offering the first 15 SME early adopters free use of the system for 3 months. Evans said “Our aim is to have 500 high quality SMEs in the Community by the end of the year to provide Primes and Major Service Providers the most comprehensive access to the available niche skillsets in the best companies.”

BenchOn is a Business Talent Sharing platform that allows businesses to earn revenue when they really need it, by loaning out their staff to other businesses that need specialist support. This allows businesses to better manage the peaks and troughs of industry with paid contracts for their staff in the lulls and access to the hidden talent in the best companies to support during the peaks. For more information about BenchOn, see or contact


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