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Anywise steps up for STEPtember

Anywise is participating in STEPtember, an initiative to raise money for cerebral palsy.

The goal is to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days in the month of September to not only create awareness for cerebral palsy but to promote a more active and healthy workforce.

Anywise has two teams of four people participating in STEPtember, but due to COVID-19 restrictions are doing their daily steps alone.

Celebral palsy is the most common physical disability faced by children, which is caused by damage to the brain either during pregnancy or shortly after birth. This can affect the person’s movement posture for the rest of their life.

This year STEPtember has already raised over $8 million with the money going towards stem cell research and mobility equipment. It’s also helping families who live in regional and remote areas.

Senior Consultant Tom Dalton discussed his motivation for taking part in STEPtember:

“I think most people would agree that charities associated with the welfare of children or animals hold dear to our hearts. I have a close school friend, whose son Seth was diagnosed at a young age with cerebral palsy and was informed that it was highly unlikely that he would live to be a teenager. Seth has proven those doctors wrong, and although he has lost most of his ability to get around unaided, he has made it well and truly into his teenage years. This would probably not be the case without the support from people like us donating to charities such as STEPtember, and the amazing work that these charities do for children with cerebral palsy. I hope in the future that our support for this charity, small as it is, will contribute to further developments to improve a child's quality of life while living with the disease, or better still, a cure. This is what motivated me to participate in the STEPtember challenge.”

If you'd like to support the cause, please donate to the Anywise STEPtember fundraiser page.


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