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Anywise further develops Valuechain collaboration ecosystem

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Strategic Connections Group joins the Australian Valuechain Partnership

Avalon, Victoria - Today, Strategic Connections Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Valuechain UK and Anywise to create a data system that helps businesses to optimise their supply chains.

Representatives of the Victorian Government, The Australian Defence Alliance, Valuechain UK and Anywise welcome Strategic Connections Group to the network at Avalon.

Since meeting the Strategic Connections Group at Euronaval, in October 2018, The Victorian Defence Alliances, The Victorian State Government, the Australian Defence Alliance and other key stakeholders have supported the three companies to build capacity and extend to additional markets. This effort was formalised today with the signing of the MOU at the Victorian Pavilion at Avalon.

"We have been developing the support framework for Valuechain platforms here in Australia since 2016. In seeking additional partners we have been deliberate in our search for a company such as SCG here in Victoria. With the help of the Victorian Government, we have opened up more opportunities for local companies to collaborate domestically and across Europe." - Adam Evans, Managing Director Anywise Consulting

Valuechain UK is leading the way in the development of digital solutions for SME globally. SME associations have been piloting the iQluster as a means to help SME better describe their capability and capacity and promote collaboration. This partnership builds another support node into the network and provides even greater reach into the adjacent markets of transport and rail. With the recent successful pilot of the Victorian Defence Alliance network, efforts now shift to a national network, connecting SME capabilities and capacities in the cloud.

SCG’s team is made up of a unique diversification of competencies, from engineers and industrial designers, freight and logistic experts through to innovation and business systems specialists. Having such a diverse team allows them to support highly complex, large scale and sensitive projects. A major aspect of what SCG does is connect companies with key stakeholders to help them streamline their projects.

Anywise consulting formed in 2014 to address a growing need in the market. Clients were seeking something more than body shop support. Anywise integrates people processes and tools, forms high performing teams and helps our clients deliver their most challenging projects.

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