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What was the problem with the same old same old Defence Consulting Model?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Defence Industry companies are coming up for air this week after spending hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) collectively in submitting responses to the CASG DSS panel response. Now that the dust has started to settle, we can't help but wonder what was wrong with the old way.

What is clear is that Defence is seeking cost reduction, greater transparency and access to SME. With a AUD$300 million cost reduction challenge to the professional services sector and clear intentions to rationalise its vendors for large programs through the (re)-establishment of Main Service Providers, it is clear that things are going to have to change.

We think that there are 3 keys to mounting a successful campaign to Win and Deliver the Major Service Provider Role. And one of them is free.

1. Optimise the existing supply chain

Leverage the innovations from the advanced manufacturing sector to define, connect and better mobilise your professional services suppliers. Clearly describe its capabilities and capacity by region, skillset and cost.

We will map your supplier capabilities and report their capacities in the Valuechain iQluster platform.

  • Dashboards by skillsets, region, capacity etc

  • Collaboration tools

  • Advanced analytics and workflows

2. Increase the velocity of resourcing solutions

Speed up the time between receiving a requirement (RFQ, RFT) and deciding on a technical resourcing solution. Remove the waste associated with maintaining out of date databases, lists and contact cards. Spend more time writing the solution than calling suppliers discussing availability and compliance.

This is easily delivered within digital platforms for known capabilities within the supply chain. Even if you are not already using this platform you can make use of existing technologies to do this right now for resources provides through another exciting company, BenchOn.

HOT Tip: If you have not yet signed up with BenchOn then now is a perfect opportunity to do that. From a MSP point of view it provides resourcing support at no, Zero, Nil cost. The company recovers its fees from suppliers. From an SME point of view, it provides an integrated and targeted sales and marketing campaign to utilise your available resources.

3. Improve collaboration

Not just talk about it, actually invest in time and effort to integrating suppliers, partners and clients into existing business systems. In particular, for the delivery of integrated project teams that are increasingly more complex. Establish the ability for multi-tiered business relationships to work together on one system to better manage program delivery. We consider leveraging mature collaboration tools to be essential.

Valuechain iQluster delivers an all in one collaboration and optimisation tool. Providing a platform to integrate disparate data sets and business tools and have them working together through API, Webhooks and other data sharing technologies.

Another platform we have found recently and are using up, down and across our supply chain with ease is Mavenlink. A comprehensive integrated project planning, resourcing and analysis solution for complex project delivery.

So what now?

CASG now turns its efforts to picking through the thousands of proposals from Industry to qualify for its DSS panel, and the EOIs from prospective MSP on how they will deliver integrated solutions and value for money.

The common challenge then becomes adapting business processes and supplier relationships to better integrate people, processes and these new tools to deliver Defence aims. We think we can help,

If you would like a demonstration of any of these systems or a discussion on how we can assist, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

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