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Meeting high standards

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Clients rely on Anywise to deliver some of the highest profile projects in their book. As such, it is an expectation that we meet and exceed the professional standards they set for their staff and ours. As part of each members contract for employment, Anywise incentivises professional development and study. We also encourage membership of and engagement with Professional Associations, such as Engineers Australia, Resolution Institute and the Australian Institute of Project Management.

Recently, we set on a course of recognition and accreditation for our staff and the company itself. We are proud to announce that today we have been accepted as Silver Corporate Members of the Australian Institute of Project Management.

As well as sponsoring the forthcoming awards night in Melbourne, Anywise is taking an active role in professional development of our own staff and the staff of our suppliers. In November we will be hosting a forum where we will share our experience and those of a few special guests on stage. It is through this type of engagement that we ensure that we remain relevant and competitive in the market.

You will see the Silver Logo above on our webpage soon and the post-nominals MAIPM start to appear for our staff involved in complex and challenging projects.

We work hard to make sure we are on the top of the list for clients that demand high performance teams to deliver complex projects.


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