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Counter Non Traditional Threats

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

In a climate where threats are developing faster than the acquisition cycle, Anywise Consulting recognises that a new, innovative approach is certain to be attractive. This is the main drive behind sponsoring and participating in the Counter Non-Traditional Threats conference in Canberra last week.

Innovating the response to emerging threats is at the core of the Counter IED Task Force

Anywise Consulting actively works to generate capability faster than traditional acquisition programs would allow by devising online collaboration tools, providing greater use of mobility systems for remote teams and collaborative software applications to form, host and manage integrated project teams.

Anywise provides this innovative approach by actively working with manufacturers from commencement stage through to completion to develop a needs based, goal driven solution. Anywise draws from industry connections and knowledge to quickly mobilise solutions that are suitable for both Prime and COA agencies to gain and maintain a position ahead of the contemporary market. Anywise Consulting has quickly established a solid reputation for providing collaborative solutions for industry, and for empowering and equipping SMEs.

The Counter Non-Traditional Threats conference provided an opportunity to see the latest in systems to treat these threats.

Anywise is proud to be part of the effort that is putting the right people in the room to discuss emerging Non-Traditional Threats.

Director Adam Evans says of their process:

‘We recently worked with an Australian manufacturer to scope, propose and negotiate a program that would fund the development of an Australian designed, made and supported product to treat the threat of contamination.’

Adam added:

‘We did this in an almost exclusively virtual office. This meant we could work across time zones and geography much faster, and cheaper than would have been possible otherwise - allowing an Australian SME to compete on a level playing field against one of the largest Defence Primes in the market.’

Anywise Consulting, through this unique approach, is also able to provide these consulting services in an efficient manner. This provides a more timely response than traditional methods and is indicative of their commitment to client prioritisation. Their methods also allow enhanced and more robust collaboration and communication, regardless of geographical issues potentially faced by other contenders.

To contact Anywise regarding their innovative practice:

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