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Anywise engages at Defence and Industry 2016

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Anywise was out in force at the Defence and Industry 2016 conference in Canberra yesterday, with some key messages and insights being delivered by key members of both Defence and industry alike.

In between the food, coffee and old familiar faces crossing paths and catching up on old times, was the serious undertone and message that Defence was delivering.

From changes to the approach to innovation to contracting reforms and updates on implementation of recommendations of the First Principles Review, the message was clear -

Change in Defence is on its way; and failure is not an option.

With the aim of delivering a stronger Defence capability for Australia, all elements of how both Defence and Industry operate are on the agenda. Of most interest was a clear focus on how and when Industry is to be involved in the capability lifecycle. With a clear message that Industry is to be engaged more broadly and earlier in the process. Further to that, a commitment that Industry will have a stronger voice.

Also of interest was the intent by the heads of our market to protect the SME community from the larger Primes and provision of innovation pathways for funding and exposure to SME around Australia.

Let us hope that this change can deliver some real benefits to our soldiers on the ground; and our ability as a nation to defend ourselves.

We look forward to sharing our perspectives on how positive changes can be implemented. We have insight into how some techniques and positive behaviours have already been implemented in certain pockets of both Defence and Industry to affect positive outcomes.

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Did you attend the conference? What was your main takeaway from the conference?


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