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Large Electric Fleet Sales Campaign

Case Study

At a glance


Our client was seeking support to develop a complex tender response with very little notice for a very large sales opportunity. Anywise analysed the requirement, developed a campaign plan, managed and resourced the response and prepared a negotiation strategy. The response was compliant, compelling and submitted ontime and efficiently. Stealth HQ maintains outstanding engineering design and development capability but is limited in its ability to resource and maintain its complex sales, strategy and tender development team. The opportunity was an opportunity to leverage Stealth internal rapid design, prototype and development capability, but Stealth lacked capacity and organic capability to properly mount and coordinate a sophisticated capture team.



- Commercial
- Electric Vehicles
- Fleets



- Sales Support
- Business Development
- Strategy
- Proposal Development



- Collaboration suite
- Multi author document platform



- 1 month


Anywise deployed a Bid Leader who quickly developed a Capture plan and schedule of response production. Anywise lead a collaborative solution development session using a multi author document and design studio. Following an engineering concept development, Anywise held a kick off, assigned resources and established a review plan and coordinated the tender response. On completion of the proposal, Anywise had submitted the response, developed a compelling executive summary and campaign plan and prepared an initial negotiation matrix.


The proposal was very well received. Stealth was quickly asked to conduct initial negotiations and has been subsequently down selected into a limited competitive evaluation.


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