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Land 155 Complex Acquisition

Case Study

At a glance


Jacobs Australia was positioned to deliver the pilot managing contractor project in support of Land 155 for CASG. It was already well established in project delivery in other areas of Defence business but was just commencing its move into the Land Domain in the delivery of project teams. The project manager saw an opportunity to leverage the flexibility and responsiveness of Anywise to provide momentum to the team and to establish a high performance culture with its client. Many of the systems in place replicated its clients systems so were not easily adapted to cater for such a dynamic and complex project.



- Government & Defence



- Business Development
- Program and Project 
- Engineering
- Governance
- ILS Management
- Training Development



- Multi Author document
- Collaboration platforms



- 4 Years


Jacobs approached Anywise very early in the planning cycle to assist in the resources planning and project scheduling of the delivery team Anywise provided key leadership roles, including ILSM, Chief Engineer, PM and Training lead. We delivered significant risk reduction and continuous improvement of the project and provided the collaboration tools, agility and responsiveness required to mobilise the delivery team. Anywise committed the entire executive leadership team to assist Jacobs quickly establish a high performing and collaborative environment with its client. Anywise implemented a collaborative model of requirement and solution definition throughout the project which contributed to significant risk reduction successes for system reviews


Jacobs Australia established itself as a successful partner to its client in the planning and delivery of complex projects in the land domain. Anywise contributed to the successful delivery of significant extra capability and provided the momentum required to ensure the project kept to a very aggressive schedule.

"Jacobs Australia considers Anywise as one of the most capable, nimble and innovative consultancies it has worked with."

Tim Griggs - Jacobs Australia l Director Major Service Provider

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