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Industry and Vendor Research and Engagement

Case Study

At a glance


Our client, Army Headquarters, was seeking assistance to navigate a large complex acquisition project through Government approvals. Anywise was regarded as having unique insights into industry capability in the field of Deployable Force Infrastructure. Anywise was engaged to plan and facilitate comprehensive ‘informal’ industry engagements at Land Forces and Avalon Airshow in support of the development of business cases for GSSPO, Land Manoeuvre Systems Branch.



- Government & Defence



- Market Analysis
- Project Management
- Integrated Logistics Support
- Industry Engagement



- Data Analytics
- Valuechain iQluster



- 24 months


Anywise conducted detailed market research to identify current and potential vendors and solution providers. Matching these possible vendors against both product and services taxonomy and creating opportunities to prepare for ‘speed dating’ style engagements at each event. Pre briefs and scoping meetings were held with both above the line (AHQ and CASG) staff and below the line (Industry Associations and interested potential vendors) prior to engagements at each event.

At each event, detailed meeting briefs were provided as well as summary / feedback sheets to support very busy meeting calendars.


AHQ and CASG developed a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and capacities resident in the Australian Defence Supply Chain relevant to LMSB. In addition, participants were exposed to the capabilities in adjacent markets such as resources, mining and infrastructure. This activity lead to much more meaningful recommendations and discussions at Smart Buyer and significantly reduced the risks associated to the projects.


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