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Complex Supply Chain Mapping

Case Study

At a glance


BAE was seeking an interactive and dynamic model of its Land 400 Supply Chain. Data was available in a variety of sources and formats. ANywise aggregated the data, complemented it with available public information for each company and built an interactive model of the Land 400 Suppliers to BAE. This allowed BAE to visualise its supply network and using the iQluster platform, generate dynamic reports and dashboards.



- Government & Defence



- Supply Chain Mapping
- Data Analysis and Reporting



- iQluster



- 1 month


Anywise facilitated a discussion on the storyboard of what BAE was intending to achieve. Following a short in brief, data was provided to allow for initial modeling of the Tier 1 Suppliers to BAE for Land 400. This data was loaded into the Valuechain iQluster tool to allow for graphical representation of the tiers, scope and geographic reach of the supply chain. Anywise scraped public available information to build a rich view of each company in the network. This initial work was quickly leveraged to create a comprehensive view of the entire Land 400 supply chain. A fully operational supplier network was established in iQluster and within a week, BAE systems was provided a fully populated, interactive model of the supply network, with descriptions of workpackages, tiers, risks and opportunities, geography and investment values represented on maps, dashboards and network charts.


BAS Systems used the network visualisation tool internally and created a compelling supply chain video that was used to promote the campaign. The work we did in support was aired nationally in a variety of channels as it provided BAE the confidence that it had captured and mapped its program supply chain effectively.


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