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Working Remotely and Part Time

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

“Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin…”

Just because Dolly Parton did it doesn’t mean we have to. Anywise aims to challenge the status quo by offering flexible working conditions for its employees . This includes supporting staff to work part time hours where appropriate.

From an employee perspective, working part time allows for a balanced lifestyle and exposure to a range of different experiences across any given week. This minimises the likeliness of a ‘groundhog day’ scenario that can occur in full time employment. From a business perspective, hiring part time workers can have numerous benefits including greater flexibility, better retention of employees, increases access to a larger talent pool and may help with managing wage costs.

Working part time can also pose some challenges. At an individual level, it can lead to difficulties with maintaining work momentum and continuity with tasks and projects. Tasks that may usually take one to two days may end up being being spread across one to two weeks. From a business perspective, having part time employees may create an increased workload due to managing a greater number of people. It can also be a challenge for management to adjust expectations around work capacity and appropriate timeframes for projects and tasks.

To minimise these issues, Anywise utilises a number of communication and collaboration tools which assists in maintaining momentum by improving communication channels and providing a central point for workload monitoring.

The tools used by Anywise range from complex project management platforms to simple Gsuite tools (For more information click here). Tools such as Google Sheets and Google Keep provide a simple pathway for task allocation and progress monitoring between employees and management. Importantly this allows employees to work independently and provides a platform for them to self monitor their workload and task timeline.

Anywise strives to keep ahead of the game by offering flexible work conditions and utilises technology to allow for optimal communication and opportunity to work collaboratively at all times. Anywise values the input of all its employees regardless of employment status.


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