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What inspires us to support charity?

The Anywise team draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. This year, we have reflected like many on what it is that drives us, provides us inspiration, gives us hope and happiness. Our team is inherently philanthropic and we are often inspired by the commitment that others have to support the community.

Most recently, we were inspired to act by someone we have known for many years. Each year, Dave sets himself a challenge to provide memaningful, grass roots support to his community. This year, he walked for 24 hours straight, around a loop that included a significant hill climb.

Why? To raise the profile and funds for his local St Vinnies. This is precisely the kind of fundraising that we encourage our staff to consider supporting, we match donations from staff across a very broad range of charities, but those that are local are the ones we take the most pride in supporting.

We are proud to have matched a staff member donation and contributed to this massive effort. Well done Dave. Our MD says he wished he could have been there for old times sake..

"Scramble Track.... Go!".


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