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Meet our new Principal Consultant - Tom Dalton

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This week Anywise has once again circled the wagons as part of our annual innovation series. A day spent in good company dip-checking the company and conducting deliberate retrospectives and innovation challenges. These are invaluable opportunities to put the team in the same room and celebrate our efforts.

At dinner tonight, I had the great pleasure of formally recognising a relentless pursuit of excellence, by Tom Dalton, with a promotion to Principal Consultant - Project Management. Tom joined us some months ago now and has consistently delivered outstanding project management outcomes for the company. As the company continues to grow and adopt more agile delivery models, Tom will now oversee our project management outcomes.

As a Principal Consultant, he is empowered to negotiate new deals on our behalf directly and has an intimate role in detailed strategy and business delivery. Congratulations Tom. Well deserved.


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