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These's nothing like a good challenge for a good cause

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Putting our fitness, endurance and teamwork skills to the test, Team Anywise Consulting (perhaps not the most creative name but to the point) will be trekking 30kms across one of Victoria’s most picturesque and rugged coastlines, all in the name of charity.

Coastrek Wild Women on Top is a team trekking challenge which encourages more women to get moving while fundraising for worthy charities making a difference and changing lives.

The Point Nepean round trip on May 24th will raise much needed funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation, supporting their relentless work to end avoidable blindness in many poverty stricken countries and communities and their tireless efforts in making sure everyone has access to high quality, affordable eye health care.

A few basic facts:

  • 36 million people are blind.

  • A large percentage of these people have conditions that are treatable or preventable.

  • 89% of people with vision impairment live in low and middle-income countries

  • More than 20 million women in the world are blind and a further 120 million women are visually impaired.

  • There are 1.4 million blind children in the world.

  • 45% of childhood blindness could be prevented or treated.

With statistics like these (and there are many more), it is almost impossible to not want to contribute any way you can….

In our case it will be by making our way over clifftops, going bush and pushing through thigh burning sand for 30kms and feeling amazing for doing so!!

Please click on the link to show your support and donate:


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