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Start solutioneering today

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Are you too close to the problem & struggling to see the full scope?

Anywise can help implement a staff-led process to aid in design and decision making. We call it Solutioneering. A common theme in organisations is that they are often too close to their problem to be able to fully identify the full scope.

The observations are accurate, depending on position and experience, but what they lack is the full picture.

Anywise can help provide that full picture and reveal the truth – the elephant in the room. We call this Solutioneering. Using all the resources available to help solve a problem in a methodical, engineering-based manner.

Our staff have decades of experience serving in the Australian Defence Force in a wide range of staff and command positions. We all understand that it is common for teams to struggle to identify their problems which often leads to decision paralysis or taking a templated path that is sub-optimal.

The use of an experienced facilitator to bring individuals, small teams or large groups together to share information, agree on risks and then work together to plan for success has been proven effective and can work for your business.


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