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Positive reception to the AusTender Insights platform in Parliament

Updated: May 12, 2023

AusTender Insights is presented to Australian Parliament.

Chad Murphy, a member of Anywise’s Canberra-based team, recently showcased AusTender Insights to members of Parliament and their advisors. A big thank you to Senators David Pocock and David Fawcett as well as their advisors for their time and interest in this product.

AusTender Insights is a platform developed by Data Ventures in 2020. The platform processes data from the Australian Government's AusTender website and collates it into user-friendly reports which help identify key insights. By doing so, this platform saves both time and resources that were previously spent on manual database searches.

As the data AusTender Insights utlises is updated hourly directly from the AusTender website, the data is kept relevant and up-to-date. People using the platform are able to control how the data is reported to help highlight granular details or provide a broad overview.

With its user-friendly interface and unique selling proposition, it is undoubtedly a tool that will revolutionise understanding tenders for businesses, journalists, and government officials alike.

In 2022, seeing the potential for AusTender Insights, Anywise acquired a stake in Data Ventures and together operate with collaboration front of mind.

Anywise is an Australian female and veteran-owned consulting firm that solves complex problems for government and industry. Anywise’s key characteristic is the delivery of purpose-driven projects delivered through Agile project management solutions.

To learn more about the AusTender Insights platform you can visit the website at:

About Anywise: First established in 2014, Anywise is proudly one of few organisations which is both veteran and female-owned. The firm specialises in complex project mobilisation, agile project design

and delivery, consulting services, digital transformation, innovation lab, project management office (PMO), solutioneering, and logistics support. As recent honourees of BCorp’s top 5% Best for the World in Governance, Anywise is not your average consultancy. Iterative improvements ensure that projects, staff, and policies are continuously evolving. Learn more about Anywise and the work they do by visiting:

Anywise Contact:

Want to learn more about Anywise? Click here.


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