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Anywise-Kubos Collaboration - Space Services, Satellite Command and Tracking

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kubos is offering its mission control system Major Tom, free to companies that have been affected for 90 days allowing aerospace businesses to continue working remotely.

Anywise is working with American SME Kubos to provide advanced space services to the Australian Space Industry.

Based in Texas, Kubos is providing tailored software for space services, satellite command and tracking with an expert team working remotely around the United States.

Kubos also provides integrated cloud-based packages for ground and mission control systems.

Kubos has collaborated with the Royal Thai Air Force, Swiss company RUAG Space and the US Government.

Anywise sees Kubos’ open-source integrated flight software framework beneficial to the Australian aerospace industry as space and technology. This software will play a major role in meeting a range of national and international needs and opportunities, from maritime surveillance and ultra-secure communications to monitoring our natural environment and the resources it provides.

Anywise General Manager Steve Kouloumendas said: “Partnering with international companies with a similar culture and passion for innovation provides us access to cutting-edge technology and allows us to implement that technology into the Australian space user community”.

Space is a reliable growth industry that has proven resilient even during economic downturns, such as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Telecommunications has seen consistent growth over the past decade and several satellite operators have reported record revenues since 2008.


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