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Key promotions for Anywise

Following the decision to diversify its market and offers in 2019, Anywise has continued to develop a broad portfolio of solutions. This has been met with a warm welcome from existing and new clients. To reinforce its agile service delivery model, Anywise announces promotions and two new Principal Consultants, responsible for executing that strategy.

Anywise Principals are empowered to commit resources to solve client problems and are integral in the development and delivery of company business. Chosen for their capabilities, expertise and personality, they epitomise the qualities of T-Shaped people. The Anywise Principal team is an agile, multidisciplinary team that provides the company inspiration, momentum and precision.

Existing Principals Peter Winter and Tom Dalton are joined by Catherine Jong and Eric Dempster-Hoad.

Catherine (CJ) is leading one of our high profile Integrated Product Teams and is preparing for demonstration and product launch. CJ also recently launched our innovative AIDE service offering, formalising the way on which Anywise lends a hand to local community groups. Eric is currently delivering a challenging program of complex acquisitions for Land Systems Division. In this role, he has implemented an agile methodology and provided considerable momentum across a number of work packages. Both Eric and Catherine have contributed to the continued growth and innovation of Anywise since joining the company.

"With so much disruption and uncertainty in the economy at this time, it is really nice to be able to continue to grow the company leadership team and prepare for the coming year" - Steve Kouloumendas, General Manager

Anywise Principals work across a range of projects and provide decisiveness, leadership and technical expertise. They are empowered to make company-level decisions and commit resources to support client projects. These are key leadership roles and we are proud to welcome Eric and Catherine to the executive team.

"Our Principals are intimately involved in strategy, winning and delivering our work. They are a key to our momentum focus and agility, we are proud to welcome the two newest members to 'The big table' - Adam Evans, Managing Director.

Congratulations Eric and CJ, we are proud of the impact you are making and are excited to have you now join the leadership team.


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