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Anywise obtains Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership

Undergoing a security clearance is necessary for any contractor working with the Australian Defence Department, which is why Anywise is happy to announce that we now have a membership with the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).

We received our membership in January 2021, following a seven-month application process which involved stringent scrutiny on our cybersecurity practices.

Having a DISP membership allows us to sponsor and manage our own members’ security clearances.

A DISP membership enables Anywise to improve our security operating environment and strengthen security practices, making Anywise ‘Defence-ready’ when delivering contracts and tenders.

It can also provide greater access to international contracts as security clearances may be recognised by international partners.

We are also provided with security training and advice on the latest security trends to improve our cybersecurity.

DISP is an exciting opportunity for an Australian small businesses as it’s an essential step for competing for work with Defence and our international partners.


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