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Centre for Defence Industry Capability Review

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

As part of an enduring commitment to continuous improvement, Defence has announced a review into the CDIC. As recipients of Defence Innovation Hub funds, we feel we have a range of views that might be relevant to others, but views that could certainly be more rounded with discussion.

The Terms of Reference have been published and a discussion paper to support a wide range of stakeholders will be consulted. To encourage some discussion on the TOR and subsequent Discussion paper, Anywise has developed the discussion in Kialo. This platform allows users to create hypotheses and develop Pros and Cons to each claim made beneath the hypothesis. It is social in nature and provides a way to track the topography and sentiment graphically.

We welcome all relevant stakeholders to contribute to the discussion as we form our views during this review.

You can join the discussion by clicking the image above or following the link here.


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