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Congratulations to the latest Certified Scrum Masters at Anywise

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Congratulations to Annie, Catherine and Jodie for becoming the latest Anywise team members to become Certified Scum Masters through Axis Agile.

Core to the Anywise offering is an uncompromising commitment to responsiveness. To maintain our edge, we are constantly innovating our systems, delivery models and investing in culture and professional development.

Scrum is a framework that better enables teams to work together and reach their goals more efficiently.

The technique relies on collaboration and working on tasks in increments to get to the desired outcome. It helps to eliminate interruptions, promotes focus and is a very successful way of delivering projects and sticking to a timeframe.

Axis Agile run 2 day courses year round, covering Scrum methodology and training delivered by highly experienced instructors who are dedicated to help you gain the globally recognised accreditation.

Anywise is committed to have all employees certified as Scrum Masters and implement the technique in all future projects to ensure we continue to deliver to the highest standard.

Catherine recently joined our team and discussed her experience:

"This week Jodie, Annie and I sprinted towards our first steps to become Scrum Master’s by attending a Certified Scrum course. As the rugby name ‘scrum’ suggests, it’s all about working in teams to self-organise and empower one another to deliver outcomes in the shortest time. Scrum has its roots in software development but has so many benefits in non-tech industries. One being that teams deliver ‘chunks’ of outcomes in one to two-week time-frames, which keeps the focus and the energy fresh. The best part is that scrum promotes collaboration and only works with true collaboration. The course has inspired me to apply what I’ve learnt within my projects and hopefully affect positive change."


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