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Weekly guest speaker on Anywise Coffee & Catchup call

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

During the pandemic, Anywise has been running a daily Coffee & Catch-up daily call in a bid to stay connected with each other and bring some normality to the working day.

Every Wednesday, Managing Director Adam Evans has invited a guest speaker to talk to Anywise staff.

The discussions have ranged from working with people that come from disadvantaged backgrounds, how to be a good leader and ways to manage teams or staff members who are struggling in some way.

Whether the speaker is working with animals, football players or environmental sustainability, the talks are usually focused around the people who are involved with the business or organisation.

The guest speakers have usually talked about how important business values are but how teams need to have their own set of values that need to be established early otherwise this could lead to issues further down the track.

It’s been a great opportunity for Anywise staff to listen to how other people manage projects or people and how it can help us in our day to day tasks.

It also gives us a sense of perspective outside of our own organisation, as especially during this lockdown, it’s easy to forget that people are doing great work in different industries that can’t stop because of a pandemic.

Not only have the weekly talks provided staff with a lot of information to think about but it’s given us some inspiration to take away that everyone needs during this lockdown as we stay cooped up inside.

As well as weekly guests, the daily trivia has tested staff on their general knowledge and has been a fun way to have some healthy competition.


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