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Around Australia for a Voice to Parliament

After donating $10,000 Anywise is excited to stand with Pat Farmer and support the incredible work he is doing in helping raise awareness of the Yes Vote, promoting the change to the Constitution that will give the First Peoples of Australia a voice.

We are excited to announce that Anywise is proud to sponsor Pat Farmer's ultramarathon around Australia in 2023. Pat Farmer, a former Australian politician and ultramarathon runner, will run over 14,000 km around Australia to support the Yes Vote for enshrining an Indigenous Voice in Parliament.

In 2017, in a nationwide event, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates met and posed that the Constitution be updated to be more inclusive and recognise the voices of Australia's First People. While it is shocking to think it hasn't been raised sooner, the Yes Vote will be the next milestone event in Australia's history. Want to learn more about the Voice? Read here.

At Anywise, we are passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion, and we believe it is essential to recognise and support Indigenous Australians' unique perspectives and experiences. We are proud to support Pat Farmer in his efforts to promote the importance of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. We believe this is crucial to creating a more equitable and just society.

Pat Farmer's ultramarathon is a significant undertaking, and we are in awe of his commitment to the cause. His dedication and passion are essential in raising awareness and starting conversations around this important issue. As a purpose-driven company and certified B-Corp, we believe we are responsible for using our platform to promote positive change and make a meaningful global impact.

We are thrilled to be part of Pat Farmer's journey and look forward to supporting him every step of the way. We encourage all our colleagues and partners to support this vital cause and follow Pat's progress on his ultramarathon around Australia. You can learn more about the fundraiser here: Run for the Voice sponsorship. Together, we can work towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all Australians.

If you would like to learn more about Anywise's work in the philanthropic space, you can read about our pro bono service, any.AIDE. We offer this service to non-profits or community groups who need a helping hand with the important work that they do. You can read our case study on the work we have done to date in aiding Big Group Hug here.


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