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Anywise is donating $5,000 to the cause or charity most voted for

Over the course of Brisbane’s Defence expo Land Forces, Tuesday June 1 to Thursday June 3, Anywise is offering to donate $5,000 to the cause or charity most voted for.

A company which prides itself on being purpose-driven, Melbourne-based consultancy Anywise is offering to donate the total sum of $5,000 to the cause or charity most mentioned by participants. Originally planned as an event-only promotion at Land Forces, Anywise has had to embrace a more digital-focused approach at this year’s Defence expo due to a sudden COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne.

Using Twitter and LinkedIn social media platforms, as well as an electronic form, Anywise is asking people to “be a force for good” and state their preferred charity or cause and share why it is important to them. People are encouraged to use the hashtag #AnyForceForGood, however an electronic form, as seen here, is an alternative option for people who prefer to remain anonymous. This has been enthusiastically welcomed and is something the company’s Marketing Consultant, Caitlin Maynard, is thrilled with. She says, “we had to change plans fairly quickly due to the last-minute lockdown. Sharing our promotion online with the greater community has been the best thing we could do. It’s fantastic seeing so many people responding and taking part.”

This is hardly the first time Anywise has expressed a philanthropic nature. Gaining a Certified B-Corp status, the company is consistently working towards sustainability and improving the world around them. Many staff are currently taking part in the Push-Up Challenge throughout June to raise awareness on mental health.

After the close of Land Forces, the results will be collated and the cause or charity with the most mentions will receive the donation. The selected charity will be shared on social media and the Anywise blog.

Anywise is purpose-driven, it strives to make a difference to the communities in which it operates. Anywise prides itself in agile project delivery and innovation.


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