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Hunternet, Collaboration and Anywise

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

In Newcastle for the HunterNet Defence Forum, Anywise Consulting Director Adam Evans provided a leading voice of collaboration and innovation when asked to present at the forum this week. Adam Evans spoke of the necessity of not becoming lost amidst the haze of promise, of the risks of not collaborating and the opportunity afforded for SME to potentially generate an evolution of the industry.

As Director of Anywise Consulting, Adam and his team provide innovative approaches to industry alliances, which can not only reinforce work stakeholders are currently doing but also facilitate opportunities for greater opportunities. The HunterNet Defence Forum affords such an opportunity to showcase and develop industry connectedness as well as providing a vehicle to promote discussion and collaboration. Anywise Consulting embraced the opportunity to attend and present at the forum, and demonstrated its unique approach to spearheading industry partnerships.

Adam said:

‘Anywise is a small company and, like many SME in the Defence Industry, needs to remain more flexible and responsive than our clients in order to be competitive.’ He goes on to add, ‘We have dedicated significant time and effort to find smart tools to facilitate capability mapping and resourcing to keep us at the forefront of collaboration. Online project management tools, collaboration applications and greater use of mobility solutions have allowed us to grow quickly and diversify enough to weather the troughs.’

Set amidst the context of change within the Defence Industry, and in a competitive field, Adam acknowledged the opportunities and considerable risks, to a well represented audience at the forum. States are currently vying to hold the jewel in the crown (ship building, JSF maintenance, Land 400) and the new contracting models from CASG have the potential to favour larger companies. This highlights the necessity for stakeholders to unite and collaborate - Anywise’s specialty - in order for defence to successfully manage the supply chain.

Anywise has offered to provide the powerful iQluster platform for the HunterNet Defence alliance to promote collaboration and better map and demonstrate the Hunter Region Supply Chain Capabilities.

Anywise Consulting regards it as a privilege to be asked to attend, and moreso to present at the HunterNet Defence Forum in Newcastle. The Hunter and Central Coast region is defence oriented, having many Defence capable SMEs, as well as being home to RAAF Williamtown, Air Combat Group, Surveillance and Response Group. Singleton’s Lone Pine Army Barracks School of Infantry and the Special Forces Training Centre are also located in the region, alongside Primes such as BAE Systems, Boeing, Thales, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Forgacs, and Varley.

The presence of Anywise Consulting as guest and presenter at this important Defence event is indicative of its unique, progressive and ‘hands on’ approach to innovation and collaboration and paving industry networks.

Also speaking at the forum was the BAE Systems Supply Chain Manager for the JSF Program and a representative of Stotts a highly capable SME providing lighting solutions to the ADF.

Anywise Consulting is contactable to discuss their innovative approach to collaboration as well as their fast growth, management tools and applications.

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