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Mind Mapping - A more efficient proposal development method

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We are always looking at ways to streamline our processes and be more efficient. Working smarter.

Pulling together proposals can be a clunky and time consuming process. There is a reason that everyone always hated group assignments! Inefficiencies can also be amplified when people involved are working in different location,s let alone different time zones.

Anywise has long been using Mind Mapping Software as part of its proposal development. It allows for greater efficiency, accessibility and facilitates working collaboratively through a variety of features such as:

  • The ability to share mind maps online or download to Google Drive

  • Convert mind maps into PDF/Powerpoint

  • Multi user tool allows multiple team members to contribute

  • Allow contributors to participate in a variety of formats that best suit their style - words, pictures, drawings etc

When developing proposals, Anywise creates a template to work from which is developed using the official proposal requirements. This allows for broad brainstorming and free thinking whilst also providing a solid framework to ensure content and discussion stays focused.

Anywise estimates the use of this tool has reduced proposal development time by up to 80%.

If you would like a demonstration of how we use the tools in our inventory, please get in touch.


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