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5 Tips for inter-company collaborations

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

There has been a lot of talk about collaboration over the past couple of years. So we thought we'd have our day too. We have read and implemented many of the accepted guidelines since BS11000 and its natural successor, ISO 44001.

We've built relationship management plans and established frameworks for issue resolution. We have fostered environments of mutual respect and confidence. 

We have even spent tens of thousands of dollars rolling out collaboration platforms to clients and suppliers. Since launching in 2014, every project we have undertaken has been underpinned by collaboration principles, processes and tools. 

What have we learned? 

It is really hard work. Even with cutting edge collaboration platforms. All because of people. Collaborations with robots is easy. They are predictable. Humans on the other hand take effort. Doing it well takes discipline. We have collectively learned a lot over the past few years. 

These principles have become our mantra for establishing high performing collaborations.

  1. Have a goal in mind. Then put it on paper in clear, simple language.

  2. Set relationship management expectations. What is important to each company from behaviour, culture and performance perspectives. Encourage all members to be brave, manage and accept risk and invoke Parlais when required to cut to the real issue. (We like to call these our Metallica Moments)

  3. Establish and commit to responsive and tiered issue resolution. Allowing middle managers to continue to butt heads is a disrespectful waste of time. On the contrast, empowering staff to resolve issues and quickly escalating if required provides agility and depth.

  4. Have a clearly defined exit strategy. What are the agreed offramps and triggers. Everyone should have the ability to plan these in detail with confidence.

  5. Understand each company capability clearly. Describe it in simple terms and update it when things change.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to work with you to improve collaboration, please get in touch.


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