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Men’s Health Week 2017

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Healthy Body - Healthy Mind: keeping the balance

Last week was Men’s Health Week.

It is well documented that Australian males have a lower life expectancy than females, with heart disease, lung cancer and stroke as the leading causes of death. Only 30% of a man’s overall health is determined by genetics, meaning 70% is controllable through lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately Aussie men are less likely to take an active role in managing their health and less likely to seek help for health issues, particularly those relating to mental health.

The statistics on the mental health of Australian men are extremely concerning:

  • One in eight will experience depression at some stage in their lives

  • One in five will experience anxiety at some stage in their lives

  • The male suicide rate is three times greater than in females

Given the industry we work in, it is important to also highlight ex-servicemen have an even higher rate of suicide than the general Australian male population.

The team at Anywise places a high priority on the health and well being of its employees and associates. Anywise also is aware of and understands the potential increased health needs of ex-serviceman. Anywise continues to actively support veterans, both male and female and has been involved in a number of events designed to promote physical activity and social connectedness - both important factors in improving physical and mental health.

While there are a number of support services available, it is never too late to start taking an active role in managing your own health and well being.

Look out for yourself. Look out for others. Stay healthy. Stay connected. Start the conversation.

For further information or support:

Source: Men's Health Week. Accessed 18 June 2017.


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