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Victorian Defence Alliances

There is safety in numbers. As part of our work with Valuechain UK, Anywise has started working with the Victorian Defence Alliances in an attempt to leverage lessons learned from UK and European partners in Cluster and Alliance methods. In turn, create and nurture relationships with other members to collaborate to win and deliver more work.

In working with the VDA, Anywise intends to support clearer descriptions of capabilities and work with other like minded members to leverage capability matches and spare capacity.

Victoria is home to a vast array of capabilities, many of which are resident in the SME community, often out of the spotlight of Defence. In part, this is due to the crowding of the upper tiers of the supply chain, in part to lack of understanding from all parties how to engage, and in part simply due to lack of visibility of both opportunity and solution.

One of the key lessons taken from our work with Valuechain UK is the need for an agile communication and collaboration platform to manage networks.

We have been demonstrating the iQluster platform to the network and its ability to assist VDA market it's membership both internally and externally.

We look forward to doing our part to enable greater collaboration within the VDA and support members to win and deliver valuable business.

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