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What is the future of deployable logistics?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Deployable logistics infrastructure programs continue to be fielded in all shapes and sizes for humanitarian support, military training and operational support missions. These missions put pressure on ageing fleets and demand high levels of preparedness and readiness in order to be successful.

Large programs in UK and USA have fielded deployable solutions to suit those user needs. The UK Temporary Deployable Accommodation solutions and the USA Federal Emergency Management Arrangements are examples of fully integrated camp solutions, supported by services contracts. Developed to meet specific user needs and environmental conditions, such integrated camp designs may not provide enough flexibility to work in the Asia Pacific context. With a variety of domestic and regional user groups and complex user requirements, it is a challenge to establish responsive and reliable support where and when you needed at a commercially viable price.

Our staff have experience working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pacific and Australia in and out of uniform in military and disaster relief missions.

The picture on the left is a Vietnamese refugee camp erected in the 70s in the USA. It looks remarkably similar to the current ADF deployable accommodation solution. While ADF deployable infrastructure has gone through some evolution since camps of this kind, there is a growing gap between what the rest of the western world considers temporary deployable infrastructure and what the ADF is using.

The picture on the right is one of our Directors in Afghanistan working on the Improved Tented Camp solution at Camp Bastion. The Anywise team has developed deployed camp models for military and commercial use and is well placed to provide significant value to clients who are or intend to operate in this domain.

As the ADF steps off on another campaign to treat Deployed Force Infrastructure as a "System of Systems" rather than a federation of disparate fleets, Anywise is excited about the role we will play in fielding this capability.


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